Leyer-Pritzkow & Partner
Mergers & Acquisitions
The value-added of our consultancy services resides in the assistance to our clients to address and improve the financial and strategic value contribution related to their corporate business portfolio. We assist our clients over the full process of acquisitions or divestment, i. e.: from defining the strategic objectives up to the integration (respectively disintegration) of the business.
Our range of consultancy services in M&A covers typically:
 -  Acquisition of, or divestment from, subsidiaries, companies, or non-self-supporting business units
 -  Separation and divestment of non-performing or non-strategic business units
 -  Acquisition of young companies aiming at strengthening the core activities
 -  Mergers
 -  Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures (especially cross-border)
 -  Management Buy-In/Buy-Out
Our project team usually consists of a partner - who brings in industrial experience and know-how, a strategy consultant, and an auditor. For cross-border operations, our clients are assisted by our local teams based in our Düsseldorf, Paris or Milan office.
Key elements for our successful consultancy are :
 -  Experience - accumulated through the closing of numerous deals made by taking into account the strategic prospects of any potential investor (divestment mandate) or seller (acquisition mandate).
 -  Credibility - through personal and professional competence and integrity in the work delivered to our clients as well as in negotiations with their business partners.
 -  Foresight - by keeping in mind the long-term strategic and financial objectives, in order to address the issues in correct sequence and priority.
 -  Engagement - our team entirely devotes itself to the fulfilment of the client’s needs, without abandoning a critical rationale.
 -  Sincerity - ensured by the transparency in our methods of work towards to our clients, but also by our open-mindedness towards new ideas or opportunities.
Our references speak for themselves.
Case examples:
Non-Core Business Divestment: Divestment of a group of companies which had become non-core business of a conglomerate in the energy sector: Strategic validation of the portfolio, divestment audit & concept, preparation for decision making, identifcation &selection of investors,execution of three ‘Organised Sale’transactions in the geographic zones (Europe, Near East, South America), achievement of strategic equity values (120 MEUR sales)
Creating a European Market Position by Merger Integration of two complementary companies in steel processing industry to achieve market control and a competitive manufacturing cost base (250€m sales volume) on European level. We initiated the idea, developed the concept, and managed the process up to its implementation.
European Growth by Acquisition A production and service conglomerate in the building products sector was assisted in its going-global strategy by the acquisition of a geographically complementary group. We developed a globalising strategy, adapted the concept per geographical region, and selected and evaluated potential targets.
Consolidation of business areas on European level For our client in the electronics products industry, being under heavy competitive pressure and seeking to consolidate the European supply structure, a geographically complementary company serving identical customers with pan-European operations had to be searched for a merger. We developed a merger concept, identified and evaluated potential candidates, approached target companies, and moderated successfully the merger process.
Strategy Consulting - European and Global