Leyer-Pritzkow & Partner
Inward Investment
Successful Inward Investment Initiatives for client regions in Europe and Overseas depend on a range of capabilities frequently available only locally in the foreign investors’ home market:
 - Detailed knowledge about the organisational structure and decision-making process inside the investor company
 - Knowledge of local market trends and breaks per cluster, drivers for companies’ search of international business opportunities
 - Probable characteristics of investment trends or projects per cluster and per local market
 - Identical cultural background between investor management and the representation of the region
Our consultancy services propose to commission the initial investor identification and approach work to locally experienced consultants, and to focus the internal resources of the RDA on the implementation process of pre-qualified, pre-structured foreign investment projects.
Our consultancy services focus on three areas:
 - Development of regional marketing strategies and communication tools in a global or European context
 - Execution of investor prospection initiatives across Europe
 - Project management of international investment projects up to hand-over or implementation
The basis for our success consists in addressing the region marketing process from a foreign investor’s point of view and demonstrating the potential value addition of regional assets to his investment project.
Strategy Consulting - European and Global