Leyer-Pritzkow & Partner
The group, EU-Llocate Consultants Ltd., was founded in 1995 to strengthen our presence across European markets and to offer integrated, homogeneous solutions to our clients on international level. The name “EU-Llocate” signals our core competence: European Allocation of companies’ resources.
EU-Llocate Consultants Ltd., London represents the three shareholding companies internationally:
 -  Leyer-Pritzkow Unternehmensberatung, Düsseldorf
 -  ORAconsult, Paris
 -  CAST Consulting, Milan; further offices in Oporto (Portugal) and Shanghai (China).
The group shows differentiating features such as
 -  small to medium size, but strong experience with stock listed companies
 -  genuinely international competence through European teams with local knowledge, based on a resource of about 50 consultants employed across Europe
 -  excellence in analysis linked to extensive knowledge of all key industries providing innovative, but pragmatic solutions
Strategy Consulting - European and Global