Leyer-Pritzkow & Partner
Export Development
Basis for execution of "Export Development Initiatives" on behalf of Regional Development Agencies (RDA) in European and Overseas countries is our comprehensive analytical and strategic consultancy work for medium and large industrial and service groups across Europe.
Main characteristics of these export development initiatives are:
 -  They are organised for key industrial clusters in the client region by the RDA and ourselves.
 - They focus on one common target export market (e.g., Germany).
 -  Participating companies of the client region may come from all steps in the clusters’ value chain (from research up to distribution).
 -  Participating companies range from "first market entrants" to established players with own operations internationally.
Export Development Initiatives aim at providing pragmatic assistance, turned towards business results throughout the development process and are delivered by experienced, multicultural consultants located in the export target market.
We have been offering this consultancy service for 10 years with a very high success rate to a number of RDAs in the United Kingdom, France and Overseas. Our initiatives cover a range of varying concepts each adapted to the industrial cluster development stage as well as the ressources and capabilities of participating companies.
Strategy Consulting - European and Global