Leyer-Pritzkow & Partner
Leyer-Pritzkow Unternehmensberatung was founded by Peter Leyer-Pritzkow in 1984 to assist European industrial and service companies on all issues around one perspective in Business Management:
Development - Growth - Internationalisation
This specialisation in our consultancy services offer brings to our clients profound knowledge for strategic solutions based on a broad industrial and service sector experience.
Our consultancy services are centered around:
Corporate & Company Strategy
Mergers & Acquisitions
International Integration Management
Marketing & Sales
Our clients are mainly stock-listed groups from Germany, United Kingdom, France and the Nordic countries - from steel to software businesses.
Since 1994, a second division for consulting services to public sector clients has been developed, covering a variety of services to strengthen the industrial tissue of individual regions in Europe.
Strategy Consulting - European and Global